Vaccines for Puppies & Dogs

Our veterinarians will create a personalized vaccine plan that will keep your pet safe.

Vaccinations provide your pet with protection against a range of harmful diseases. With each vaccine dose, your pet builds up their immunity against specific diseases. Our veterinary clinic stands behind vaccination as a safe and effective way to protect your pet from the painful, costly, and sometimes fatal consequences of contracting a preventable disease.

How do you decide which vaccinations my pet needs?

Our veterinary team will determine which vaccinations are best for your pet based on individual factors like lifestyle and health status. Many of the diseases your pet is being vaccinated against can be fatal. For example, the outcome will most likely be fatal for pets who aren't vaccinated against rabies and who contract neurological diseases. It's transmitted by saliva, so if your pet is bitten by an infected animal, their health can rapidly decline. We commonly recommend that puppies and dogs be vaccinated against the following:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Parvovirus
  • Bordetella (Kennel cough)

Why does my pet need a rabies vaccine?

Many areas of Ontario have laws that require dogs and cats (and sometimes ferrets) to be vaccinated against rabies. These laws help protect both pets and people from this deadly disease. Thanks in part to rabies laws, control and prevention programs, and pet owners' cooperation, pets in North America rarely become infected with this disease anymore. By keeping your pet up-to-date with their rabies vaccination, not only are you protecting your pet, but you're also helping to eradicate the disease from the pet population in our community. If you have questions about vaccination, please contact us at 519-941-2275.

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