Parasite Control & Prevention

Protect your pet from internal and external parasites with a parasite control and prevention plan.

Internal and external parasites can be detrimental to your pet's health. We're sure you don't want harmful parasites on your pet or in your home. We can help keep them away, including providing strategies to keep them at bay, as well as starting your pet on a monthly preventive. To book an appointment, please contact us at 519-941-2275.

Are the fleas in my pet's coat harmful?

Fleas can cause problems for pets ranging from minor to life-threatening. Not only can these parasites cause severe itching, irritation, and allergies, but they can also transmit tapeworms and diseases. Fleas can infest dogs, cats, ferrets, mice, and rats. These pesky parasites don't just stay on pets. They can bite people, too. Though they're small, don't let their size fool you. Without giving your pet a monthly preventive, you're leaving them defenseless against unrelenting parasites.

What are preventives?

Preventives are medications we prescribe to protect your pet against a range of parasites. Depending on the types of parasites your pet needs protection from, we could recommend a combination of oral medication, topical creams, and injections to safeguard them. Based on your pet's risk factors, like environment and lifestyle, they'll need larger doses of preventives.

Are tick preventives only needed during tick season?

Ticks are becoming more and more prevalent in North America, and they're now being found in areas where people and pets didn't previously encounter ticks. These parasites aren't just a nuisance. They can cause serious and sometimes deadly diseases, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and tick paralysis. Tick seasons, over the past few years, have been longer than the norm, so your pet may need a preventive on a year-round basis.

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